Up-cycling Leather Challenge

"Celebrating the edge of leather."


Utilizing unique aspects of leather can inspire a fresh interest of leather. It will help people develop a new perspective and personal relationship with their products.


Leather is a natural material, and the shape is always organic. From the leather crafting process, the outer side of leather is always left over and dumped.

How can we revive the remaining leather?


The left over leather tends to have holes, stamps, scratches, and strange shapes. People don't want to use it because of these damages. Instead of using just the surface of leather, I decided to pile them and show the edge of leather which is still usable.


I explored how to expose the edge of leather. I also experimented with how to glue, stitch, and layer them together.


Changing the focus from the surface to the edge of leather. Celebrating the edge of leather pushes this project further and gives new opportunities.


How it expose and celebrate the edge of the leather


This design exposes the inside leather edges through the cut out windows when bended. Exposing the edge allows users to recognize the beauty of the edge of leather, aging of leather, and layers of the leather.

P9031200 copy.jpg
P8311070 copy.jpg