Hi, my name is Hiroshi.

I’m a product designer and my focus is in physical user experience through material experimentation.

Raw materials are an important interface for me. Beyond the tactile experience, materials also create a strong attraction to move us and affect our feelings. Not only do I enjoy designing with new materials, but I am also always finding different ways to look at existing materials.

The Japanese word, “mottainai” — which conveys the sense of regret concerning waste, is a motivating concept for me. In my daily life as well as in my designs, I look for ways to save on cost and time. This approach also helps me discover something new every time. Nowadays, we have to think about the limitation of resources for our future more than ever. How we live with the earth, how to deal with nature, and how to recycle products. With this issue in mind, I design products that involve the user–letting the user complete the design, inject value in it, and create their own relationships with their products. Introducing a new point of view and raising consciousness for materials can change our future. When I find a new way to see materials, I focus on how to develop and celebrate it. It is that challenge which is exciting for me.