Echo of Light - 余韻 YOIN

Experimental Lighting Design

This project was a team project with Takatoku Nishi at Tama Art University in Japan.

"A momentary state of experiencing beauty."


Raindrop expresses a beautiful moment when it hits on the water surface and disappears.

There is a story of the life of a raindrop.


After the story ends, it leaves a reverberation on your heart as memory. It’s called “Yoin” in Japanese, and it resonates as a calm moment.

Using light, we have recreated this story of "Yoin" to touch your heart and leave you with the “echo” of raindrops.


LED movement

The LED light is activated by even the lightest sense of movement.


As the LED light moves, the lighting effect which is projected underneath follows the movement and blinks randomly, emulating the behavior of rain.

Light Transitions

The random light effect looks like raindrops hitting water to create water ripples.


It makes people want to take the time to touch the effect.

This action connects people and light, as well as "people and people" 


Experiencing transient beauty.


A pendant light


- It captures the life of a raindrop, from the moment the drop falls

to when its reverberations on the water touch your heart.