Vertical Modular Planter

"Expand your limited space with a full garden."




I wanted to take advantage of the mold-making process in order to make modular identical shapes.

This allowed me to create and repeat a precise form, which is not possible with traditional pottery practices.


As someone who lives in a small space and enjoys collecting plants, it has always been troubling to figure out how to organize my plants without taking up too much space.

I was inspired by a local nursery that had a huge wall-planter full of succulents on display, and it sparked the idea of a “vertical planter.”


Modular system

DSC03523 copy.jpg

Helix has three hands and three legs, and they hold each other when you stack it. Stacked pots can face the same way or alternate depending on how you want to decorate your plants and arrange them.

It is interesting to see plants entangle or entwine as they grow up.