Leather Textile Design

" Growing old together "


Creating the opportunity for a unique relationship between user and product through semi-customization.




There are too many products out in the world. People are encouraged to buy things and and then end up tossing them easily.


What if we can view our things as irreplaceable companions instead?


Merlin offers more than just being a minimal and new accessory.It provides an opportunity for users to develop their own unique personality through their relationship with the product. And that established relationship encourages users to use the product more.

With "semi-customization," meaning how the user treats the leather and how they maintain it, each Merlin product grows and evolves together with its user.


The idea


Leather is one of the materials that grows old with character. Even scratches and damage add to its unique look that we grow to appreciate.


The inner pattern, called Merlin, accelerates more bending opportunities and leather scratches to enjoy the feeling of growing together.